**No tickets are currently available**

Tickets for the Friday Ceilidh Dance, Saturday Traditional Concert and Sunday Farewell Concert are usually available from The Bruce Inn and The Stag Inn. Tickets for all other events can be bought on the door or at our Festival Office which will be open on the Saturday of the festival weekend from 9am-5pm.

Alternatively, please fill in the form below to let us know what concerts or workshops you’d like tickets for and how many of each (please also state concessions where required).

We’ll email you back with bank details where you can transfer money, or an address to send a cheque if you’d prefer.


Please note:

Unfortunately we do not have a facility at the present time to take automated payments online. We are a small festival and do not rely on grant funding. We are also trying to keep ticket prices to a minimum and cannot absorb the additional transaction costs of online payment services at the present time. We’ll review this in future if there is significant demand. Please contact us if you have any feedback on this or any other aspect of the festival.


3 thoughts on “Tickets

  1. Hi.,I am local,just in Freuchie. I might just want to buy tickets personally when i review the programme can i visit ticket office?.
    Also i did come across a series of visiting bands on at the community hall over the summer and into autumn,where can i get more info on that?
    many thanks
    L Chalmers


    1. Hi Linda, our ticket office will be open on Saturday 11th August from 9am where you will be able to buy tickets for our events for Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August. Advance tickets will also be on sale shortly from The Bruce Inn and The Stag Inn. If you know you are definitely coming to the Ceilidh Dance on Friday night, we recommend buying your tickets in advance just to be sure. Otherwise you can buy your tickets for each event at the door.

      For more information on events at the Community Hall, you would be best to go to their website and contact them for details

      If you need any more information, please email us at as although you can leave a comment on this page, the website doesn’t always notify us of your message, hence the reason that I am only just replying to you now!

      Many thanks for getting in touch and we hope to see you soon.

      With kindest regards,



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